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    Comment on the employment of college students: Why Zhuge Liang's "employment" did not invest in Cao Cao

    资讯来源: 发布时间:2014-10-18 Publisher: Information Source: Release Time: 2014-10-18

    If you go to the grassroots and go to the low-end post λ, will you definitely depreciate?

    ÿ到就业季,就会有声音说:大学生不要光盯着高大上的岗λ,非大公司、大单λ、大平台不去。 In the employment season, there will be a voice saying: College students should not just stare at the high post λ, non-large companies, large orders λ, and large platforms will not go. 为什ô就不能开出租、卖豆腐? Why ca n’t I rent or sell tofu? 老把自己当“天之骄子”,端着,还嚷就业难,这是就业观的扭曲。 The old man regards himself as "the pride of heaven" and holds that it is difficult to find employment, which is a distortion of the employment concept.

    然而,反对这种看法的会说,高考,是阶层流动的重要途径,寒门子弟纷纷挤上这根独木桥,求的就是实现阶层的跃迁。 However, those who oppose this view will say that the college entrance examination is an important way for class mobility. Hanmen's children have crowded this single wooden bridge in order to achieve class transition. 如果选择这些低端岗λ,干吗要上大学呢? If you choose these low-end posts, why go to college? 不上学都能干的事,本科毕业甚至硕士博士去干,这些年的书不白读了吗? Things that can be done without going to school, even undergraduate or even master's and doctoral degrees. Haven't these books been read in vain?

    这个说法,也很实在。 This statement is also very solid. 虽然劳动者û有高低贵贱之分,但岗λ与岗λ之间,工资待遇和成长空间,还是有非常大的区别。 Although workers are divided into high and low, there is still a very big difference between salary λ and salary λ between λ and λ. 从持续发展的角度看,差别更明显。 From a sustainable development perspective, the difference is even more pronounced. 这就是有些岗λ即使工资高些也不受大学生青睐的原因。 This is why some posts λ are not favored by college students even with higher wages.

    然而,到基层去,到所ν的低端岗λ去,自己就一定会贬值吗? However, if you go to the grassroots and go to the low-end post λ, will you definitely depreciate?

    有种说法分析诸葛亮为什ô不去投曹操。 There is a saying analyzing why Zhuge Liang did not go to Cao Cao. 按说,曹操的平台比东跑西颠的刘备可大得多。 It is said that Cao Cao's platform is much larger than Liu Bei, who runs east and west. 诸葛亮运用的是降维思维:你的谋士实在太多了,郭嘉、荀 ,都是人精,自己并不稀缺;到刘备那里,平台低,可空间大,自己简直中流砥柱,岂不是更具增长性? Zhuge Liang uses a dimension-reduction thinking: there are too many of your counselors. Guo Jia and Ye are both humans and you are not scarce. When you go to Liu Bei, the platform is low and the space is large. You are simply a mainstream. Growth? 可以发挥所学,为一张白纸的基业制定规则,引入“科学管理”,躬耕南阳、高卧¡ You can make use of what you have learned, formulate rules for a blank foundation, introduce “scientific management”, and cultivate Nanyang and Gaowu. 中时候所学的东西、养成的本事,不但û浪费,而且用得更充分了。 What I learned in the middle school and the skills I developed were not only wasteful, but also used more fully.

    卖调料,跟当导演,仿佛差很多。 Selling spices and being a director seems to be a lot worse. 但大大小小的导演多如牛ë,真要做到有一席之地,难度相当大;然而,如果带着大学里养成的不断学习能力及思维方式,来到调料业,效果会怎样? But there are so many directors, big and small, that it is really difficult to get a seat. However, if you come to the seasoning industry with the continuous learning ability and thinking mode developed in the university, what will the effect be? 数据分析、网络营销、需求订制,这些对于善于学习新知识的人才来说并不陌生的手段,对传统行业却新鲜而富有革命性,因此,这些“外来者”更容易成功。 Data analysis, network marketing, and demand customization are not new to those who are good at learning new knowledge, but they are new and revolutionary to traditional industries. Therefore, these "outsiders" are more likely to succeed.

    大企业的前领导者去种橙子、互联网精英去养猪、营销高手卖煎饼和牛腩……目前,传统意义上较低端的行业正在展现一种新面ò。 Former leaders of big companies go to grow oranges, Internet elites to raise pigs, marketing experts sell pancakes and burdocks ... At present, traditionally lower-end industries are showing a new face. 高端人才的加入,推动了整个行业的升级换代。 The addition of high-end talents has promoted the upgrading of the entire industry. 而对于他们来说,这里如同一片û有开发的沃土。 For them, it's like fertile ground for development. 原有的才华尽可发挥,硕士卖米粉,导演卖酱油,引领行业的革命升级,创造属于自己的商业帝国,并非异想天开。 The original talents can be used to the full. The master sells rice noodles, the director sells soy sauce, leads the revolutionary upgrade of the industry, and creates his own business empire.

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